Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Green for Nothing

Awhile back, I read a comments post from someone lamenting that she could not go green because she was a poor college student. She discussed how she could not be eco-friendly because she could not afford a hybrid car or solar panels. She commented on the multi-million dollar eco-friendly homes that some celebrities and politicians are building. She concluded that, because she lives in an apartment, can only afford her old gas-guzzling truck, and she can't afford organic foods, that she can not do anything for the environment.

It is not hard to imagine where she got this impression. I have found many green products are more expensive then their conventional counterparts. All we have to do is stroll through the local Whole Foods store. I looked at and found jeans made from designer organic cotton starting at $270 a pair and a designer reusable shopping bag for $80. They feature many more sustainable and eco-friendly products that, while fabulous, are unaffordable for most people.

Her post bothered me. I began thinking of many, many ways that a person can live a more eco-friendly lifestyle without spending money. I decided to create this blog in order to highlight these ways. Every post on this blog will feature green tips that either cost nothing or save money.

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