Sunday, June 7, 2009

Green your Kitty

Cats are notorious for snubbing the toys you purchase for them and finding something else to play with. Why not make your cat's toys from items around the house that would otherwise be thrown away? For awhile, my cat's favorite toy was tin foil balls made from candy wrappers. She would bat them around for hours. She isn't really into that anymore, but, I don't think she will ever get over her stretchy string. Her stretchy string is made from metallic elastic ribbon like these that we received on a Christmas gift years ago.

Since cats are rather fickle by nature, you will likely need to try out a lot of ideas to find toys your cat will like. Try some of these:

1. Many cats prefer milk lids or the pull tabs off of milk lids to play with. You could also try other types of lids like soda bottle lids or bottle caps.

2. Draw strings from old clothing or old shoe laces make good cat toys. If your cat doesn't love the string alone, try tying a piece of fan-folded paper (reused of course) to the end to mimic a butterfly or try tying on an old bead or jingle bell.

3. Try making the previously mentioned tinfoil balls. If your cat doesn't like a small ball, try adding tin foil on to make a larger one.

4. See if your kitty likes bat around old buttons or pom-poms.

5. Try sewing toy mice using old socks or fabric scraps. Add some cat nip to the stuffing for some extra play-time fun.

6. Kitties love to hide and to den in confined spaces. Keep a cardboard box or paper bag that is big enough for your cat to curl up in. You kitty will have a safe place to sleep and a place to hide and jump out of.

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