Friday, January 15, 2010

Zero Waste Challenge: The Paper Coffee Cup

I have a paper coffee shop coffee cup to dispose off. Now, if I frequented coffee shops, or if I had planned ahead, the obvious alternative would be to bring a reusable travel mug with me to the shop. It is not like I don't already have several of these at home. But, I hadn't been planning to go, and I didn't take a mug, so it just happened. Now I have a travel mug to dispose of.

Of course, since these paper cups are made for hot beverages, it could be reused several times before disposal. A quick rinse would have cleaned it sufficiently for a second use. But, not seeing the need to transport hot beverages anytime soon, I didn't opt for saving the cup.

This is what I did with my cup. First, I removed the plastic lid and tossed it in the recycle bin. Maybe I could have found a reuse for it, but, my creativity had not kicked in that day, so I had no ideas.

Second, I removed the paper sleeve from the cup and put them in my compost bin. Since it is paper, the cup should fully compost. I am not certain whether the cup contains a plastic lining or not. I will have to see if a have one left once the cup breaks down.

Since it is the dead of winter here in Utah, my compost has been accumulating in 5 gallon buckets outside by back door. Once we get a spring thaw, the cup will go into my new compost pile. Check back next summer to see what is left of my cup.

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