Sunday, October 25, 2009

Even More Denium Recycling

Previously, I wrote about my quest to find reuses for denim jeans that have gotten to worn to wear. These are some of my latest creations.

First, I cut to legs off of a pair of jeans and used the top to stitch this fun and funky handbag for my sister, Andrea, for her birthday. I pinned the legs and sewed them together. I then added a magnetic snap for a closure. I used a piece of the inseam from the jeans leg to create a drawstring to gather the top of the bag.

I used a pretty red and white fabric that I found at a thrift store to make a liner for the purse. The red is the perfect complement to the blue of the denim.

I found a chain that we were not using that happened to be the right length for a shoulder strap. I then found a piece of bias tape that had been in my mom's sewing chest unused for at least 20 years. The tape with the right width and length to wind through the chain and make a sash belt.

I also used the cuff of the same pair of jeans to make a fun purse for my niece's 3rd birthday. I cut off the leg about 9 inches above the hem and stitched the cut end closed. I turned over the end to form a cuff. I used scraps of green felt and a scrap for pretty floral fabric to make a flower embellishment for the bag to which I added an old blue button. Lastly, I used a piece of cording that came from a shopping bag to create a handle. I proved the perfect gift for a girly three-year-old.

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