Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Sock Cat

So, this year, finding myself with a pair of Halloween socks that were too holey to wear, and needing a birthday present for my soon to be 3 year old niece, I decided that I would try to make a sock animal for her. First, I searched for some instructions online, and came across these instructions for making a sock monkey.

I quickly realized, that with a few modifications, and some patches over the holes, I could make a sock Halloween cat for my niece. I added pointed ears to the top of the kitty's head and a pointy tail instead of a rounded one. I used yellow buttons for the eyes with a vertical stitch for detail. I used stiff black thread for whiskers and scraps of yellow-orange felt to make a nose and patches to cover the holes.

Since my sewing machine is broken, and my hand sewing skills are a little shabby, my Halloween cat turned out to be more of a Frankenkitty. It's still a little adorable though.

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