Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Denim Recycling

Using additional material from my worn out jeans, I created a Paris themed purse for my niece, Rebecca, for her birthday. This is how I did it:

First, I took the bottom of a leg of my jeans and folded over a cuff. I then cut the bottom of the leg of jeans off about six inches up from the folded bottom. I turned the leg inside out and sewed the leg closed on the non-cuffed side.

I then decorated the purse with Paris themed iron-ons I found at the craft store for a couple of dollars. I added a fluer-de-lis on the back for an extra decorative touch.

I then took a piece of 3 foot piece of chain and wove a yard of ribbon through it to create the strap for the purse. I sewed the strap onto the side seams of the jeans inside the top. Altogether, these items created a fun little girl purse from discarded items, took very little time, and almost no money at all!

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  1. Nice. I love denim stuff, and try to find uses for jeans when they wear out :-) My favourite is as book coverings and pencil cases for kids.